Technology Summer Camps

2019 Summer Camps are Enrolling Soon!

Cleverlike is dedicated to creating rich technology experiences and education for your young engineer. Our new summer camp programs are designed to give curious minds exposure, guidance and experience on multiple types of technology.

A Week of Geek

This camp is designed to give students exposure to several different types of technology. Each day we focus on a different technology to help your student discover their areas of interest.

  • Learn Computer Programming in Minecraft
  • Design and print your own name tag on our 3D printer
  • Build, program and battle LEGO Mindstorm Sumo Robots
  • Make a LEGO Movie using stop-motion animation or create an amazing "trick shot" video
  • Assemble and solder your very own electronic project to keep
  • Basic introductions to Arduino, Raspberry Pi and more!
  • Expert teaching by professional teacher/engineer
  • Get a Summer Camp T-Shirt
This camp is loaded with fun and creative technology opportunities.

Cost: $795/week
Monday-Friday (5 days)
Camp: 9am - 5pm
Recommended for ages 9-14.

July 22-26, 2019 at PACE Center (Parker, CO) -

Robotics Camp

This camp is for kids that love robots. Our entire camp will be spent on different types of robotics building and programming activities. We will use consumer robotics, like LEGO Mindstorm, and also create custom solutions with hobby robotics platforms, like Arduino. Kids will take home an awesome Arduino robot for ongoing invention!

NEW! This class is now broken into TWO Half-Day Camps! Join one or both...

Robotics Week - Beginner Camp (Half-Day)

  • Build and program our LEGO Mindstorm robots
  • Incorporate sensors and motors to create autonomous robots
  • Learn the basics of coding a robot to accomplish tasks independently
  • Fun challenges for the entire class.

Cost: $325/week
Monday-Friday (5 days)
Camp: 9am - 12pm
Recommended for ages 10-16.

Robotics Week - Advanced Camp (Half-Day)

  • Build your own robot with sensors and motors. (Yours to keep!)
  • Learn to code in the Arduino platform.
  • Incorporate sensors and motors in your code to complete autonomous tasks.
  • Customize and fine-tune your robot to perform tasks more effectively
  • Create fun projects that rely on all robots in class to do one task as part of a combined challenge
  • You will take home your robot for ongoing invention

Cost: $450/week (includes Arduino robot to take home.)
Monday-Friday (5 days)
Camp: 1pm - 4pm
Recommended for ages 11-16.

Additionally, we will have crafts and other creative or experiential learning opportunities. Expert teaching by professional teacher/engineer. Get a Summer Camp T-Shirt. If you register for both camps, we will have a supervised lunch from 12-1pm.

Learn Electronics - Arduino Master Camp

Arduino is at the forefront of enabling hobbyists to invent products that can change our world. This camp includes an awesome hardware kit for students to keep. By the end of this session, you'll be amazed at how your young inventor can harness the power of electronics and software to create impressive real-world projects.

  • Install the Arduino programming environment
  • Learn a programming language for controlling electronics projects
  • Complete over a dozen projects using multiple types of sensors and output devices
  • Take home a loaded Arduino kit for ongoing invention
  • Expert teaching by professional teacher/engineer
  • Get a Summer Camp T-Shirt

Additionally, we will have other creative and technical learning opportunities.

Cost: $595/week
Location: Legend High School - Parker, CO
Monday-Friday (5 days)
Camp: 9am - 4pm
Recommended for ages 10-16.


Be a Game Developer

It's time to cash in on all those hours of video games. Put all that "research" to work by creating your very own video game. If you have dreams of becoming a game developer, this camp is a rocket ship to your destination.

  • Learn the user interface of a professional game development platform
  • Develop characters, actions, scoring, sounds and more
  • Understand how video games work
  • Finish your own video game and share it with friends and family
  • Learn the fundamentals of programming logic, troubleshooting and celebrating your victories!
  • Expert teaching by professional teacher/engineer
  • Get a Summer Camp T-Shirt

Additionally, we will have creative and technical learning opportunities.

Cost: $495/week
Location: Legend - Parker, CO
Monday-Friday (5 days)
Camp: 9am - 4pm
Recommended for ages 11-17


Mini-Camps (1 to 3 days)

Minecraft Master Camp (1-day)

This full-day camp gets kids excited about the positive learning experiences offered by the popular game, Minecraft. Kids must accomplish new skills to take home prizes. Creative builds, survival challenges, redstone circuits, command blocks and more. This is a fun and educational camp that kids love and parents approve! We will provide laptops for students that are unable to bring their own. Bring a peanut-free lunch and drink.

Cost: $150
Camp: 9am - 4pm (one day)
Recommended for ages 8-14


Sumo Robot Battles with LEGO Mindstorms (1-day)

This is a favorite! Kids will learn to build LEGO Mindstorm robots and send them to battle in epic head-to-head sumo matches. In addition to testing their building skills, kids will also learn to code their robot to fight like a champ. Students should bring a laptop for coding and free time activities.

Cost: $175
Camp: 9am - 4pm (one day)
Recommended for ages 8-14.


About the Teachers

We are committed to offering a highly engaging learning environment for our students. Our instructors have both industry experience and education experience.

Brian Dickman

Brian is the founder of Deep Space. After nearly 20 years of software startups and executive positions, Brian started Deep Space to create the perfect learning environment for kids that love technology.

Derek Stasiak

Derek teaches programming, gaming and robotics at Legend High School in Parker, CO. After years as a professional developer, he was looking to create a greater impact by sharing his knowledge and experience with students. His technical experience and outgoing good nature makes him a valuable asset to the team.

Paige Dickman - Assistant

Paige has been working with Deep Space since the beginning. She is a Junior in high school and aspires to be a teacher. She was voted Legend High School's Sophomore of the Year and she recently won the Technology Student Association (TSA) State Competition for the Future Technology Teacher event. She is a valuable assistant to the teachers and a role model for the students.