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Privacy Prodigy

A Data Privacy Adventure Created for Microsoft


After the success of CyberSafe: Home Sweet Hmm, we were contracted to produce a sequel. This time the goal was to teach students about data privacy. We worked with Microsoft to identify the various types of personal data and strategies for keeping it safe.

This world is published by Microsoft and is downloadable for free from the Minecraft Education Lesson Library and the Minecraft Marketplace.


Your data comes to life as the Data Bytes. You must learn about them and keep them safe on your way to becoming Privacy Prodigy.


It encourages students to
before they SHARE!


The adventure starts at home with the trusted adult. The player will learn about their personal data and must answer questions from the NPCs they meet along the way. The map is designed to reflect the various circles of trust, represented as streets, as you venture away from home.


Each correct answer will earn the player a memory card that must be delivered to the correct data byte. In addition to learning about "what" is personal data, students will learn how to keep their data private and what to do if they make a mistake. They are encouraged to ask their trusted adult for help along the way.


The second phase of the game is a race against time. The player must earn tickets to become Privacy Prodigy by keeping their data safe and completing tasks.

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