We are passionate about playing, learning, educating and entertaining.  Luckily we get to combine all of these things in our everyday work. Hopefully you find inspiration and enjoyment in our work.

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After decades in the software industry, Cleverlike started a local business that allowed him to rekindle his childhood dreams. He started technology clubs, classes and camps to be the mentor that he would have wanted as a young computer enthusiast. He loves creating content that inspires and creating opportunities for others.

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Gatlen Shado

Knowing from an early age that he wanted to be an instructor, he has devoted much of his life to writing tutorials, courses, editing educational videos, and standing at the front of classrooms to inspire his peers.


"The smile on someone's face, and the excitement in their voice when the light bulb clicks on is why I do what I do."

- Gatlen Shado (aka Ian Southwell)

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Each day is a new opportunity to create! A common philosophy in her teaching, Sam strives to provide places for students to explore in music classes, modern band, audio/visual courses, and more. Always continuing to learn, she has traveled as a performer and conductor, and is now finding a voice in sound design and composition.



Since attending CALARTS for a degree in Film/Animation, he's been working in the video game and VFX industry for over 20 years. He's been Lead Animator, part of an Emmy award winning team for the ESPN television show "Sports Science", and has been credited on over 2 dozen games, commercials, television shows, and interactive marketing campaigns.  As games continue to evolve alongside entertainment as a whole, he seeks to find new ways of storytelling through the combination of digital and real world spaces.

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