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New Esports for Minecraft Education

The new Parkour Construction Kit is a Minecraft esports experience created for the students, by the students. We bring our expertise in game design and technology education to help students level-up their Minecraft building skills.

Learn about Parkour

If you're new to Parkour in Minecraft, our season includes detailed information to help everyone gain a better understanding. A Parkour Museum world is included as part of the season and helps students test their skills as players and inspire them as creators.


Creative Spirit

The "Build" season challenges students to build their own parkour arena to serve as their home court. The best arenas will be selected as the maps used during the competitive "Race" season. We provide build challenges, training, and inspiration for students to level-up their Minecraft building skills.


Construction Kit Approach

Building a parkour arena mostly entails the placement of blocks to complete a challenging running course. To turn this into a published game that anyone can play, with a fully-functional timer and leaderboard, takes extensive programming...until now. Students will get a new set of blocks to mark the starting point, checkpoints, and the finish line of their arena. They simply submit their map to our online service and it will return a fully working version of their game immediately.


Competitive Spirit

The "Race" season takes place in the parkour arenas created by the students. Not only is this the big reveal of the top student-created work, but it's a battle to the top of the leaderboards. Student teams hone their skills and devise strategies to achieve the fastest times in this parkour season.


Beyond Esports

This is an original Cleverlike-created approach to scholastic esports. In addition to creating an authentic student experience, we are providing training and practice toward building essential skills in interactive 3D software. Students will have access to advanced Minecraft building tools and have an opportunity to have their work featured on a global scale.


Get Involved

If you would like to coach teams of 3-5 students in these parkour esports seasons, please submit your contact info on this page. We'll be announcing our Fall season soon! We look forward to working and playing together.


We are hosting a season starting in Fall 2024!

Join our Waiting List

Let's go!!! We'll be in touch soon!

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