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Digital Junior Solar Sprint

Solar Vehicle Competition in Minecraft Education Edition


We worked with the North America Scholastic Esports Federation (NASEF) to create a solar vehicle esports competition in Minecraft for middle school students.


The Junior Solar Sprint is a physical solar vehicle competition created by The Army Educational Outreach Program (AEOP) and facilitated by the Technology Student Association (TSA). We were tasked with creating an engaging new experience in Minecraft.

The goal of the Digital Junior Solar Sprint in Minecraft is to teach more students about the exciting challenge of building solar vehicles by leveraging their interest and expertise in Minecraft. Continue reading to learn how we accomplished this project.


Create an esports competition that encourages students to learn about creating solar vehicles.

Students complete problem-solving and teamwork challenges to build and race a solar vehicle in Minecraft.


The world build consists of a main lobby, 4 challenge buildings, a fabrication lab and test track. In addition to learning about the important aspects of solar vehicles, each of the four workshops has a unique Minecraft challenge. After getting your best score on all four challenges, build your car at the fabrication lab and race it on the test track! Your vehicle will compete against other vehicles in the final day of the competition.


Solar Vehicles

We created custom modular solar vehicles with four tiers for each of the four components. (solar panels, motor, body, and battery) Your final vehicle is based on your challenge scores. There are up to 256 different vehicle combinations.

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