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Good Game

Learn to Build Healthly Online Gaming Communities


For the third consecutive year, the Minecraft Education and Xbox teams called on Cleverlike to create an engaging education experience for Safer Internet Day. This time, the goal was to create online gaming scenarios that challenge the students to choose the right actions and document their best strategies in the a Good Game Guide.

This world is published by Microsoft and is downloadable from the Minecraft Education Edition Lesson Library and the Minecraft Marketplace.


We invented a new game to simulate an online gaming experience inside Minecraft!

Students get to play Bloon Pop with AI players that create teachable moments.

This is a fun an engaging experience!


The game starts with 4 best friends leaving school to start their break. When planning to meet online for their favorite game, they learn that one friend can't play because he broke his controller when getting too frustrated by mean people in his online games. The other friends set out to create a Good Game Guide to share the best strategize for dealing with cheaters, bullies, and other online gaming scenarios.

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