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CyberSafe: Home Sweet Hmm

Online Safety Experience Created for Microsoft


We were tasked with creating an interactive experience to help students learn how to be safe online. This project was created for the Minecraft Education and Xbox teams to celebrate Safer Internet Day.

This world is published by Microsoft and is downloadable from the Minecraft Education Edition Lesson Library and the Minecraft Marketplace.


We use the iconic villager's "hmm" to teach students to STOP and THINK
before they CLICK!

This behavior will keep students safe as they expand their understanding of online safety risks.


This world starts in a Minecraft village where the player interacts with a trusted adult to learn how to be safer online. The player uses a computer to travel through the Internet to complete four unique online safety challenges. Use the villager's "hmm" is taught before making a decision. Asking for help from a trusted adult is reinforced in every lesson, even after making a bad decision. This world is available to millions of Minecraft players around the world and we hope it help them develop safer habits online.

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