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Professional Development
for Educators

Our team specializes in helping teachers leverage video game platforms to make education more relevant and engaging for students.

Professional Development

We produce lesson plans, sample project, learning guides, and walkthrough videos to help educators use Interactive 3D in the classroom.

Learn about the exciting opportunities when leveraging Interactive 3D in the classroom.

Interactive 3D with Twinmotion

Twinmotion is an architectural visualization tool that has been embraced by educators. The software offers huge rewards with minimal effort, so it is great for education. Students can create stunning projects and tell amazing stories while building Interactive 3D skills.


Interactive 3D with Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine is the Interactive 3D tool used by the professionals to create video games, movies, and more. Bringing this tool into education open new opportunities for students while helping them build essential skills for their future in the metaverse. We help teachers learn the software and how to bring it to their students so everyone wins.


Interactive 3D with Fortnite Creative

Many students have invested significant time building assets and skills around the Fortnite game. By teaching Fortnite Creative, we help students leverage their skill and interest into more engaging learning experiences. We help teachers understand the possibilities and empower their students to make amazing creations.

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