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Cleverlike Studios has been a Minecraft Marketplace Partner since March 2018. We continue to work on innovative new maps and create opportunities for creators of all ages.

Minecraft Maps


The rich old gamemaker is leaving his entire castle to you, but you have to earn it first.


Defeat 5 waves of homemade aliens and it's all yours. Make your own game!

  • Customize the loot chests and aliens in each wave

  • Build a new arena

  • Feel free to tweak the command blocks


This frantic game rewards the player that finds the fastest way to die. Trouble surviving in Minecraft?

Perfect! You’re a winner.


You are dropped in a randomly generated survival world. Single player: Race against time. Multiplayer: First person to die wins the round. Use kits to prevent other players from winning.


Includes 4 crazy skins.

Swim in lava? Great idea!

Minecraft Skin Packs

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