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Cleverlike Studios has been a Minecraft Marketplace Partner since March 2018.

We continue to work on innovative new maps for Minecraft Players around the world.

Minecraft Maps


Climb only up 1500+ blocks, one block at a time, with no checkpoints! Race to the top alone or in multiplayer with your friends. Speedrun the parkour like a pro for the best time or take the safe route like a noob to avoid a big fall. Find free rideable entities and jump pads along the way. Get lucky by using slow falling to land on a block below. Includes 30 skins!



Create your own stop motion animations inside Minecraft with Animation Studio. Powerful controls make it easy to create and navigate several frames of animation. Select a playback speed from 1 to 10 frames per second.


Build your animations with any blocks from your creative inventory. Supports up to 3800 frames of animation. We can’t wait to see what you create!



All mobs will inflate to a HUGE size as they take damage. When they take too much damage...POP!


Hit inflated mobs with arrows and watch them fly around like a loose balloon. What mobs do you want to burst? How many mobs can you get? So much to do...let's get poppin'!


Need shelter? Take cover in your secret underground bunker!


A multiplayer game of constant peril.


Who can survive the longest as players battle to knock each other off the island?


Get the Super KaPow knockback stick or use projectiles to knock your opponents off the island. Be careful though, enemies can get power-ups to summon giant golems, KaBoom turrets, shoulder archers and more.


Choose from nether or stone-themed maps.


Can you spy all the green aliends and hidden objects

in this huge map?

I challenge you to Find It!

  • Huge 2048 x 2048 map

  • Amazing detail - Over 50 hidden objects to find
    including 25 hidden aliens

  • Track your best score with the built-in timer

  • Cute outer space theme


Can you spy all the hidden objects in this huge map?

I challenge you to Find It!

  • Huge 2048 x 2048 map

  • Amazing detail - Over 50 hidden objects to find

  • Track your best score with the built-in timer

  • Cute outer space theme


Take over this huge Venice-inspired city! Use it as an amazing survival spawn and try to bring peace and order to a city full of mobs. Use it as the perfect setting for your roleplay adventures with friends. Craft custom entities anywhere in the entire world! Custom vehicles include an electric scooter, police car, sports car, sedan, truck and 4-seat gondola boat!


The historic city on the water will be lost in the ocean if our climate gets worse. The museum director is relying on you to save the city. Earn coins by stopping smog, driving commuters in the gondola, turning off lights, recycling and farming. When you earn enough coins to complete the solar and wind farms, the island will be saved! Play alone or with friends!


Create your own psychedelic audiovisual experience. Drive around a high resolution map to create amazing visual effects synched to the music. Great for content creators!


Warning: Contains intense flashing lights. Not intended for people with motion sickness or photosensitive epilepsy.


3 Million Downloads in the Minecraft Marketplace!


Use your math skills to fix Math Robot and unlock the epic command center. Earn unlimited prizes by playing math games. Use the prizes to build the biggest and coolest empire in the land!

  • 7 different math games

  • Hundreds of prizes

  • Unlimited possibilities

 Fun for all ages.


The rich old gamemaker is leaving his entire castle to you, but you have to earn it first.


Defeat 5 waves of homemade aliens and it's all yours. Make your own game!

  • Customize the loot chests and aliens in each wave

  • Build a new arena

  • Feel free to tweak the command blocks


This frantic game rewards the player that finds the fastest way to die. Trouble surviving in Minecraft? Perfect! You’re a winner.


You are dropped in a randomly generated survival world. Single player: Race against time. Multiplayer: First person to die wins the round. Use kits to prevent other players from winning.


Includes 4 crazy skins.
Swim in lava? Great idea!

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