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UEFN Virtual Exhibit Learning Kit


Using UEFN as a creative tool across all subject areas. This guided learning kit includes the UEFN Virtual Exhibit template, step-by-step instructions (written & video), and an educator's guide with lesson plan template. 

Importing Custom Models


Importing Images

UEFN introduces the ability to import new models into a Fortnite experience. Students can download models, use photogrammetry to convert real world objects into 3D models, or design their own models with 3D design software.


Adding Signage

Images are an important part of storytelling and with UEFN, custom images can be imported into Fortnite. The learning kit includes picture frames that can accept any image in the center and any material for the frame.


Importing Audio

Whether you are adding wayfinding signage, titles, or supporting detail, it's important to add text to your virtual exhibit. This exercise utilized the Billboard Device in Fortnite to display text. A collection of plaques are included in the learning kit to provide a background for your text.

Sometimes an exhibit experience can be more impactful with the effective use of music, sounds, or narration. Learn how to record a narration, import it into UEFN, and configure Fortnite devices to play your audio in a Fortnite player experience.

​Contents of the UEFN Virtual Exhibit Learning Kit include:


Free Download:
Unreal Engine Navigation Cheatsheet

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