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Game Code

Learn Coding by Building Arcade Games in Minecraft


Microsoft came to us with an idea of building familiar games inside Minecraft to make coding engaging and accessible. Our creative team developed the story of the Game Code Crew kids flying their spaceship, The Hopper, to save the universe. Their latest call was to save an old arcade that was destined for the creeper pit unless they can get it working. With your help, the arcade comes to life as you build new games into each arcade cabinet. Complete an optional tutorial and then follow the step-by-step video tutorials to learn the coding for creating 5 fun games. There's one last empty arcade cabinet...that's for your own original game. Be creative and have fun learning to code in Minecraft Education with MakeCode.

This world is published by Microsoft and is downloadable from the Minecraft Education Edition Lesson Library. Complete educator materials are also provided for educators that want to offer this to their students. Want professional development? Complete our Professional Development Request Form.

The Hopper

The Game Code Crew is talented groups of students that travel the universe in their spaceship, The Hopper.

They need your help!

Join them in the quest to save a dying arcade. Build new games to bring it back to life.


Create Games with Minecraft MakeCode

Enjoy hands-on learning with video tutorials to guide you through each step of the process. Use MakeCode block coding in Minecraft to put new coding concepts to work as you build games that you can play.

Educators! Contact us for Professional Development and Support in bringing this wonderful experience to your students!


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