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Financial Literacy

A Personal Finance Experience for Middle School Students


We were added to a project that was established to add financial literacy education to a Minecraft Education Edition experience. Our role as game designers and educators is to work with the client and their curriculum designers. Our gaming expertise and ability to customize Minecraft allows us to create learning experiences instead of a simple information exchange.

Rather than simply identifying right and wrong answers, students can perform actions that impact their experience. They start by setting a certain bike as a savings goal. Then they will: use their parkour skills to earn money, borrow money if needed, open checking and savings accounts, go shopping with friends, donate to charity and finally purchase their bike. 


We don't build games that simply teach and assess students.

We build interactive games where the player can experience the impact of their decisions in order to learn concepts more deeply.


There are many ways to make financial literacy more approachable to students by connecting it with their current life experiences and values. Using games as a learning platform gives students a fun way to experience scenarios that are not accessible in their real life.

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