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Level Up, Calgary!

Students Learn about City Planning and Build Their Ideas


We were brought in by i2e, llc. to build and code a world based on the Olympic host city of Calgary, Canada. Students get immersed in a beautiful recreation of the city and venture out to speak to the key stakeholders and planners of the city. After learning about the importance of cultural heritage, tourism, and quality of life, the students are asked to share their opinion.

The students get teleported to a build area where they can share their vision for the future of the city. A well-organized program by the local educators and city officials allowed students to share their voice for the future of their city.


We created an immersive replica of the city.

Students learn about city planning and the many important considerations.

A blank build area gives students and opportunity to imagine the future and create a build to help tell their story.


Minecraft is a great way to engage students in learning new skills through game-based learning activities. It's a platform where many learners thrive, so it is an excellent way to demonstrate knowledge or communicate a vision. We build the Minecraft worlds, create the custom entities and create gameplay experiences that educate and inspire students.

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