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Learn the History of Southern Italy in Minecraft


We teamed up with Marco Vigelini of Maker Camp srls to build an educational world for southern Italy's Basilicata region.

While the player is visiting their grandparents in a small seaside village, they open an old chest that sends them back in time. To get back home the player must complete several challenges. Help Epeius build a trojan horse by gathering materials from their camp in the woods. Save Rome from a horde of Greek invaders. Work the farm by harvesting crops and learning about crop rotation. Meet Pythagoras and learn about his contributions to math and modern instrument tuning. Finally, you must visit an animal rescue facility to deliver a turtle back to the ocean. Upon returning home, you are asked by the village to create a piece of public art that represents the rich history of the area.


We built an educational and historical world in Minecraft for players and students.

Educational maps in Minecraft is a fun and creative way to get students engaged in learning.


Metapontum allows the players to visit the most important Magna Grecia while also being met with challenges, fights, and missions.

The map creates an engaging environment for students to learn about southern Italy in an innovative and fun way. 

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