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Climate Hero

Use Minecraft to Start Discussions about the Climate


We teamed up with Marco Vigelini and the M9 Museum in Venice, Italy to create a unique game experience in Minecraft

Climate Hero engages students in the important topic of climate change as they complete challenges to save the threatened city on the water. In order to build the clean energy solar and wind farms on the mainland, the player must earn money by completing challenges like picking up and sorting trash, turning off unused lights, managing an urban farm, helping commuters with gondola boats and stopping vehicle smog.


This fun activity opens the door for real discussions about climate impact and what people can do today to make a difference.


We created a Minecraft map that focuses on saving the city of Venice.

This will get students engaged in important conversations like climate change.


In Climate Hero, the museum director relies on the player to save the city by stopping smog, driving commuters in the gondola boats, turning off lights, recycling, and more. 

Players will earn coins by completing missions. Once they earn enough coins, they must purchase solar panels and wind turbines to generate clean energy and save Venice. 


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