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NASEF Farmcraft

Global Esports Competition in Minecraft


We worked with the North America Scholastic Esports Federation (NASEF) to create a global esports competition in Minecraft. 


We were tasked with creating an engaging new experience in Minecraft Education Edition for NASEF and the US Department of State to help students understand agriculture challenges and compete against other students around the globe. 

Farmcraft allows students to face real-world challenges like sustainability and environmental impact. Students are challenged to successfully create farms and grow crops while also having to fight against weeds and insect pests. 


Create an esports competition that encourages students to learn about global agriculture challenges and solutions.

Students build a sustainable farm and produce the most crops as they struggle against a variety of real-world challenges.


The world build consists of 5 different biomes and a lab to buy seeds. The player prepares their soil, uses crop rotation, protects their crops from weeds and pests, and builds the perfect farm.

Can we build something for you?

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Global Reach

NASEF Farmcraft 2022 has thousands of student competitors from over 60 countries!

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