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The Gamemaker's Castle is a Minecraft game available on the Minecraft Marketplace. It is a fun wave-based game that you must first play in order to earn the ability to customize the game. It was designed to be a teaching tool for Minecraft gamemakers. This course will step future gamemakers through the process of using The Gamemaker's Castle to create their own games. You'll learn about balancing, gameplay, building, command blocks. If you want to learn how games are made in Minecraft, this free course is the perfect start.

Become a Gamemaker with The Gamemaker's Castle

Learn how this fun game opens the door to a future of Minecraft gamemaking.

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Yo! Cleverlike is here to educate and inspire you to create your own custom experiences in Minecraft. As an Official Minecraft Marketplace Partner, he's been involved in the production of several titles in the Marketplace. He has been teaching technology to all levels for many years, so he'll walk you though the course step-by-step to ensure a great experience!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy The Gamemaker's Castle?
The Gamemaker's Castle can be purchased in the Minecraft Marketplace. This is typically a button labeled "Store" or "Marketplace" inside your Minecraft game (excluding Java edition). Visit the Cleverlike Studios product page.

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