Who this is for

This class is for students of any age that would like to create their own Minecraft mod using Add-ons. By the end of this course, you will be able to create Minecraft creations beyond your wildest dream.

While we don't like to set age limits, you should feel comfortable:

  • Safely downloading files from the internet
  • Installing new software on your computer
  • Using a basic code editor to modify and safe text files
  • Using a graphics program to create, edit and save image files
  • ZIPing and UNZIPing files on your computer
  • Safely moving and deleting files on your computer
  • Sharing files via email, Dropbox, Google Drive or other
  • Playing Minecraft (duh!)

If you're unsure about these, we'll be showing you how to do the necessary steps in the training. If you can follow along, you'll be fine.