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JSON Linter (Error Checking)

Between JSON file formats, Minecraft Add-On complexities and human error, you may find yourself wondering why you can't get something working. Before you turn into a rage monster, it may be time to step back and check the basics. If your JSON file is not formatted properly, all your genius work...


JSON Editor Online

Minecraft Add-Ons are mostly as simple as editing simple text files formatted as JSON. JSON is JavaScript Object Notation. It is a strictly formatted content structure for defining how entities should behave in Minecraft. It gets easier the more you work with it, but it can be a...


UUID Generator

When creating your very own custom Add-On for Minecraft Bedrock Edition, you will need to generate a UUID. This is a Univerally Unique Identifier. Basically, it is like the barcode for your product. It can't be the same as anyone else's. Don't manually create a UUID...that is dangerous. ...