Check out our first game on the Minecraft Marketplace. While we like to create learning experiences, we also like to create unique and fun experiences as well. This game started off as a joke for players that seem to die quickly in most PVP online games. What if...instead of trying to be the last player standing... you had to be the first player to die. Yeah, read that again if you need. This is game can be played in both Single Player and Multiplayer modes. You are teleported to a random location in a survival world and you must find the fastest way to day. Check out the game trailer and go buy it on the Minecraft Marketplace.

This game was made with the help of students that I used to teach. They were students in my camps and clubs in the past and have grown into thriving and creative technical students.

I hope you like it. We've got lots more in the works!


View Race to Respawn on the Minecraft Marketplace (comes with 4 free skins, shown below)